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recycled energy efficient dining light
PIOGGIA Series Chandeliers

“Pioggia” Rain in Italian. Fabulous art glass lighting for entry foyer installations, sparkling fixtures, bathroom chandeliers and more…

“Rain” has unlimited potential from dining table fixtures to suspended lighted artworks in commercial space. The fixtures were inspired by my studio in Santa Fe, where the sun always shines – even when it is raining. .

*Pioggia may be created in various configurations for custom, site-specific installation

*Metal finish: Gun-metal steel, nickel, white enamel, or matte black.

*Glass is usually clear— there may be a color option of light and dark gold ( only)

* GREEN! Most Pioggia fixtures are made with custom LED lighting sources for a LOW energy eco-conscious lighting solution. Each fixture comes with a custom / dimmable LED low-energy system in warm white

* Fixture shown here is lit with Xenon bulbs –longer lasting and more efficient than halogen


recycled material lighting
Cluster of Box Lights

green lighting
12 x 12" Pendant Light

contemporary blown glass lighting
Single-line Sconce

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